Simply Typed Lambda Calculus

Posted on May 2, 2023

STLC adds simple typing to Lambda Calculus.


  • Variables: {$a..z$}, commonly $x$ first
  • Types: $t ::= o | t \rightarrow t$
  • Terms: $M ::= x | (\lambda x: t.M) | (M M)$

Logic rules

  • Environment: Associations between variables and values; $E=${$\mathcal{T} = \lambda x y. x, …, 1 = \lambda f x. f x$}
  • Judgement: In environment E, e evaluates to n; $E \vdash e \Rightarrow n$

There are type-wise equivalents.

  • Type environment: Associations between variables and types; $H=x_1 : t_1, …, x_n : t_n$
  • Type judgement: In environment H, x is of type t; $H \vdash x \Rightarrow t$

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